We collaborate with several health insurers to provide specialist dermatology care for their corporate clients:

  • MHC Asia Group
  • IHS (international Health Solutions) BUPA
  • AIA Healthshield Goldmax

We can help obtain pre-authorisation from the following international health insurers to assist with your medical claims:

  • BUPA Global – Contact us before your appointment so we can help you with CASHLESS VISITS where we will settle your bill directly with BUPA Global.
  • Cigna – We can help you obtain guarantee of payment from your insurer before your appointment to ensure you will be reimbursed by your insurer for your visit.

Do call us to find out if your condition is covered by your medical insurance.

  • Most insurance companies will cover for the treatment of conditions that are “medically necessary” - Eg. for treatment of rash, skin infections, skin allergies, warts, biopsy of suspicious moles or skin cancers.
  • Cosmetic procedures such as lasers, Botox or fillers are usually NOT covered.
  • Some insurance plans require you get a referral from your GP before seeing a specialist. Even if your insurance covers for your dermatology visit, you may still need to see a GP first.
  • We can help you write a letter to your insurer before you undertake any procedure to ensure your medical claim will be reimbursed at a later date.
  • We can also help with medical reports or medical claim forms to assist in your reimbursement.